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Welcome to Incite Authority! We’re glad you made it here. If you’re like most of our clients you have a mission and a vision, but you can’t seem to find that perfect blend of marketing, PR, and social media strategies to propel you to the top of your game and differentiate you as the expert and thought leader to your target audience. Authority marketing will give your name the power it needs to bring you to the heights of your chosen path. What would accomplishments like authoring a bestselling book or national media placementdo for you and your business? This is what we do and a lot more. Let us be the game changer you need to separate yourself from the pack of mediocracy and become the pursued versus the pursuer. It all starts with authority marketing, and when it comes to authority marketing, there is no better choice than Incite Authority.

Who We Are

Incite Authority is a leading authority marketing agency based out of Las Vegas, NV. Led by Christian Dibrell and Alicia Williams, Incite Authority helps brands and professionals to build their sphere of influence within a particular industry. This dynamic team is passionate about creating opportunities for growth and planting ideas in groups of minds through their tried and proven marketing strategies. With a diverse set of techniques, Incite will open doors to paths that would otherwise have never been available to you and your business. Combining know-how, experience, and a drive to succeed, Incite Authority is the only position-based marketing agency you will ever need to contact. We get the job done right the first time: it’s how we define ourselves.

We don’t just say your name over and over so that people remember it. Instead, we say your name in the perfect way, at the perfect time, and to the right people so that people know what it is that you’re all about and clearly understand your resonating story. We don’t spread brand awareness. We incite brand authority and give your brand a radiant aura that commands attention.

What We Do

Incite Authority makes your brand, your name, and your concepts effective and known throughout your industry. Rather than settling on the simple measurements of impressions and interactions, Incite Authority determines its success based on how well your subject permeates the minds of your audiences making you the go to and leader in your industry. It’s not just getting the word out there. It's about getting the word out there and making it stick. With results-driven techniques, Incite Authority makes you and your brand the known leader in your industry.

Combining proven techniques and a wealth of knowledge, we implement an authority marketing strategy that is ideal for your brand. Whether you are just starting out or not yet seeing the results that you want to see out of your business, our program will get you to the next level. When you need an authority marketing agency, you need a team that brings intelligence andvast experience to the table in the way that Incite Authority does.

Problems We Solve

While other marketing agencies are essentially creating chatter, Incite Authority is setting real influence loose on the world. We work intelligently in order to create lasting, tangible results for you and your business. No matter what effect you’re looking for, Incite Authority will be able to produce it, in less time and at a highest magnitude.

We make the unknown into experts and the misunderstood appreciated. We take people who are struggling to have their voices heard and instead of just telling them to speak up, we put megaphones in front of their mouths, place them at the peak of a mountain, and make sure that they can be heard as far and wide as they need to be heard to make the impact they need for success. Simply stated, we create business celebrities.


  • “I receive a monthly marketing package from Incite and have the privilege of working every month with Alicia.  The monthly marketing campaigns have helped me create not only new customers but the ability to retain repeat business.  I am grateful for the time and attention paid to me and my staff.”

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    Louie Esposito
  • Thank you so much for considering me worthy of interviewing for your program.  Your style made me feel very comfortable and forthcoming.  Those words come from someone who spent 25 years in radio and did a one-on-one interview with Ronald Reagan back in a day.
    Keep up the great work.  I know that you will have enormous success!

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    Mike Lawrence
  • “Alicia has made it possible for me to bring my business to the next level which is  a dream come true.  Without her expertise and guidance, this would not have been possible.  I am so very thankful for Alicia’s  support and encouragement.”

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    James Ervin
  • “I had the pleasure of working with Alicia and she delivered on the highest level.  She made the process seamless and the results were incredible for my business.  I will be referring my colleagues so, they can experience the same success I have.”

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    Kristy O’Connell
  • “I have worked and known  Alicia  for over 12 yrs.  Alicia’s marketing wisdom and imagination that hones in on a company’s needs is nothing short of genius.  If you want someone that has the ability to get results then she is your girl.  She is one of the hardest working ladies I know and the proof is in the pudding.”

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We’re often asked if we are a marketing agency, a PR firm, or a branding agency? The answer is both yes to all and no to one in particular. Traditional agencies tend to gravitate toward one discipline or they try to be everything to everyone. Incite Authority is very different in that we have created a very specific formula that combines the most effective online and offline PR and marketing strategies and orchestrates them in a synergistic way that makes each strategy work in unison with the other strategies. We create thought leaders, bestselling authors, and go-to experts in their industries taking your story and creating an authentic, unique brand that attracts your target audience organically.

Our unique approach is based on what we call the Authority Wheel. This incorporates a perfect blend of online and offline authority positioning strategies that all build on and enhance the effect of the other strategies. We develop a customized plan that will encompass the exact strategies that will create the lasting impact needed to build your expert position in your respective industry. We take into consideration your specific goals, current level of authority, competition, and budget. Regardless of the level you’re currently at, we can get you to the next level and far beyond.

Single-author and Multi-author AuthorityBook Publishing

We all know that being a published author inherently creates expert status. It’s a surefire way to instantly gain credibility and when positioned correctly can often gain a ton of publicity. The beauty is that you don’t have to be on the New York Bestseller list to leverage the power of being a published author.

Incite Authority specializes in helping our clients take what they already know and turn that knowledge into published authority-based books in digital or print format. Our team has a very systematic approach that doesn’t require you spending weeks and months in front of a keyword. In fact, an in-person or phone interview is generally all it takes. We take it from there.


Amazon Bestseller Campaigns

Imagine the clout that becoming a bestselling author would bring to your personal brand. If gaining Bestseller status on Amazon would set your personal brand on fire, we’re at your service. Our proprietary campaign strategies guarantee bestseller status in at least one category, giving you the coveted Amazon Bestseller badge of honor. Whether you are already a published author or just at the conceptual stage, Incite Authority can make this a reality in no time.

Authority Media Releases

We all know what a public relations (PR) is in a nutshell. Unfortunately, it is generally used in as a siloed approach, if used at all. When used in conjunction with other high impact marketing techniques, powerful synergies are created that significantly boost a brand’s authority. But traditional PR tends to focus on companies rather than personal brands. We see it differently. At Incite Authority, our goal is to create newsworthy stories that position you as the advocate and thought leader in your space, making you the go-to authority for your target audience, industry, and media. Our media experts and copywriters tell your perfect story at the perfect time. We guarantee placement on multiple national media outlets.


Content Marketing

Let’s face it, content is king! Most major companies have turned publisher is recent times and the demand for content is growing by the day. If you don’t have a solid content marketing plan, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be seen or heard over the chatter. But the problem for most is two-fold. First, it can be incredibly time consuming to develop and execute a solid strategy. Second, writing quality articles and producing captivating videos requires multiple skillsets that most do not have. Incite Authority bridges that gap. We develop a solid content marketing strategy specifically geared for creating consistent authority buzz for your brand. We then manage all aspects of your campaign from creating relevant, thoughtful topics to copywriting and production. All content is uniquely produced specifically for your plan and you maintain the rights to all of the content.Incite Authority will be the spark and fuel you need to create the meaningful buzz that will put you on top as an industry thought leader.

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