Incite Authority was launched to bring a new unique approach to the typical traditional complex world of communications and digital marketing. You’ll understand the difference that we bring to the table from the moment you first engage with us.

The Language We Speak

If you have any experience working with other agencies, you’ve likely come to the realization that they speak industry jargon and a lot of fluff. Our clients are very refreshed that we speak their language, and more importantly, the language of their target audience.

Our Philosophy

We simply cut through the clutter and noise and simplify our solutions down to what really works for our clients to achieve the profitable results their business needs.. We keep it simple and effective to help our clients not only increase their client base, but convert their prospects into actual clients.

Our Approach

While many agencies focus on one basic strategy, we believe that your strategy should be as unique as your business. Everyone of our clients will get a customized plan that will bring their business to the next level.

Our Secret Sauce

We know that it’s the right messaging at the right time that is seamlessly integrated is key to the right recipe.. Combine that recipe with other channels that complement each ingredient and build on tasteful marketing plan that engages your target audience in a meaningful way.

Ok, enough about us.  How about we schedule a time to discuss your business and give you some actionable takeaways?  Sound good?



“At Incite Media, We Approach Our Work With Simplicity In Mind!”

– A Wise Company