Chatbots are the newest innovative topic on the market right now. They not only enhance marketing, but are guaranteed to help attract new leads if executed properly.  But as with any new marketing technology, there are best practices that must be followed or you can certainly risk tarnishing your brand.  

Chatbots bring a new level of sales and marketing automation and are simply genius if you ask us. But what are they and what makes them so special?  In this post, we will completely break down what bots are and the impact they are going to make in our future world.

In simplest terms, bots are an automated service that make your job a lot easier. They are often used in messengers on social media to auto-reply to inquiries or to reach out to those who have shown an interest in your pages on social media. They are interactive and can be tailored based on the response given by the lead.

They are set up by the company so that a response will be generated without an employee having to sign in and reply to dozens of messages.  When used in conjunction with other channels, it’s very powerful!

Chatbots assist a company by:

  •       Significantly reducing time spent on social media
  •       Providing leads a response in a timely manner
  •       Helping the company reach out to those who meet their buyer’s persona
  •       Increasing opportunity for communication
  •       Easing the communication barriers from the customers to the company
  •       Delivering a customized experience for your customers

What makes bots so cool is that they use existing tools that we are all familiar with such as online chats and enhance their abilities. They also open up opportunities for both the company, by helping classify the customer, and the potential customer, by providing instant gratification.

So, what is in store for the future of this innovative technology?

You will have the ability to put the content you want right in front of your potential leads face! Isn’t that every company’s main goal?

This tool helps a company talk directly to their current or future customers while collecting data and analysis. You can gain data without having to ask your customers to take surveys, participate in test marketing or construct reviews. Seems pretty awesome, right?

Not only that but customer service for companies will tremendously improve while using bots. An automated service won’t get irritated with an angry customer like a human would. Your customers will no longer feel like strangers to your company and they will be pleased with their experience, therefore increasing their chances of becoming a reoccurring customer.

The most important aspect of a bot is that it gives your company a voice. It brings value and personality to your brand. Each brand is different which is why your bot should be unique as well. With the features of a bot, you have the ability to customize the responses and its character. For example, you can allow your bot to have manners and be polite by responding with thank you and asking please. We recommend you reflect your purpose and passion for your brand through your bot.

Lastly, by reaching out to customers who show initial interest, the amount of sales should increase and the job of a marketer will become less time consuming when it comes to social media. Also, initial outreach over social media will most likely attract a new market of people helping your brand to spread across a wide range of customer demographics.

Bots can be used for so many different areas, not just marketing. Bots ease the task of replying to questions and concerns while maintaining the face of your brand. They are a powerful force that has skyrocketed engagement. If you are not using them, you definitely need to start now.