What’s all the buzz about with podcasting these days?

Podcasts have been around in many forms for decades.  So why the tremendously growth in popularity over the past couple years. But then again, why would they not? They are a convenient way to get your information heard with limited effort from both sides. 

Not familiar with what podcast are or how businesses are leveraging them as an effective content marketing platform? They are a series of audio recordings that are accessible online from devices such as your computer or cell phone. Think of a talk show on the radio, it is a very similar thing but much more convenient because you can listen to them on your own time and own pace.  Another advantage is the flexibility and control the producers have over the format and content compared to traditional radio that is very rigid.  

We are a big fan of these things and often use them to help our clients build massive authority. Why do we love them so much?

  1.     Telling a story or sharing a message with an attentive audience is simple with a podcast. They are listening therefore; you have their attention a lot longer than if you were asking them to engage their eyes and ears in a video.
  2.     Being featured on a podcast quickly helps you gain credibility with potential customers and your target audience. The podcast host have selected you as a special guest on their show so you must have an importance, right?
  3.     Podcast have a long shelf life. Unlike a Facebook ad that will only be displayed for a short amount of time, podcast will be around for awhile. Someone could easily come across one years after you first publish it, making it a good marketing tool and good investment.
  4.     The convenience of a podcast is amazing. You can listen to podcast while cleaning, while relaxing, even while stuck in traffic. This is one of the reasons why podcasts are so loved because you can literally listen to them just like you would music you have downloaded on your phone. Another strong benefit to listeners is that they don’t have to read an article or watch material but they can still gain knowledgeable information.
  5.     Creators of podcast have their listener’s attention span for a lot longer than they would if they saw their advertisement on a website or on television. Think about it, if you can get a listener engaged through a twenty to thirty minute podcast, you have had a lot longer to spread your message than if they came across an online ad and looked at it for three-five seconds or watched a commercial lasting thirty seconds.  

The growth in podcast popularity is exponential. They are not only becoming popular but bringing in large amounts of revenue, leads, and credibility for many smart companies. Time and time again it has been proven that podcasts are superior and perform stronger than other forms of content marketing. If you still aren’t sold on the whole podcast idea, check out one of ours!   If you’re not incorporating podcasts into your content strategy, you’re missing out!